About the company

PromLes Ltd. is a wood-working factory situated in the south of Karelia. The geographical location is convenient because it is situated directly between the highway (Moscow-Murmansk) and the railway to the north to Murmansk.

The history of Promles takes decades, after all earlier on this place in 1933  was founded the Petrozavodsk forestry, which became Petrozavodsk forestry enterprise in 1969. The traditions were picked up by 'Pegas' woodworking factory, which became recognizable all over the world, gained popularity in the United States of America. Even today we often use this name when offer our products to customers. 

The enterprise specializes in spruce and pine sawing. In 2016 our enterprise hit the target of sawing 130 000 cubic metres of wood. The annual production of saw timber exceeds 65 000 cubic metres, 95% is exported. Our sales geography is wide - Finland, Great Britain, Holland, the Baltic region, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Siria, China, The USA.

Modern equipment and professionalism of our staff give the best quality of production which is appreciated by our buyers. Our products pass a multi-stage quality control and is suitable for building, construction, interior set-up and other works. Promles has modern sawmilling equipment, drying chambers of the company "WELLONS", which allows producing high-quality, dry lumber.

Besides edge-surfaced lumber we also produce plain saw timber, kiln-dried logs shaped to a cylinder, biomass briquettes, wood waste.

Promles LTD has a conformity assessment with the phytosanitary requirements of International Standard No. 15 (ISPM 15) and has the right to mark its product in suitable way, which allows using it as a packing material.

We aim to supply only the best wooden production which corresponds to the world quality standards.