Planed saw timber


Currently beadboard is widely used for inner and outer interior decoration. It gives the feeling of warmth and comfort to your house. You can buy A, B, or C sorts of beadboard in our company.

The sorting allows to achieve the best correlation between price and quality.

width 96
thickness 12,5mm
lengths 2,0; 2,4; 3,0

Beadboard is packed in thermocontractable tape, 10 items in a pack.

Timber imitation

Timber imitation is a safe and economical solution for inner and outer decoration of your house. Planed timber which imitates cant is made of the Karelian fir and pine. Timber imitation differs with a perfectly smooth surface. It gives a good heat insulation and costs cheaper than cant - this is the key factor to choose this building and interior material for a lot of consumers.

We produce timber imitation of the following sizes:

width 120 or 140 mm
thickness 18mm
lenghts from 2,1m to 3m

Timber imitation is packed in thermocontractable tape, 10 items in a pack.

Floor wood


Floor wood is produced of a spruce and pine wooden solid prepared in Karelia. The material for it is dried up to 10-12% of humidity.

Our enterprise produces the following sizes of floor wood:

width 94, 120, 144 mm
thickness 46 mm
lengths from 2,4 to 6 metres

Beadboard is packed in transport packs, curled with transport packets and protected by the tape from 5 sides.